MGR/Mike Chalut 11/08/2003

Korg Ax1g : MGR/Mike Chalut's user review

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I bought this unit about two years ago online for about 250$. I bought it because I wanted to get into using effects because I play alot of Pink Floyd. this Korg unit had lots of memory for new settings and had a large selection of effects to work with.

I like having most effects all in one unit to avoid having bulky pedalboards. The effects processor sounds great and works well with all types of amps. I like having the pedal available for certain effects. Other effects units that I've looked at didn't have the pedal. Most effects have several different variations. Their are four different choruses, tremolos, wha effects, pans, flangers, phasers and reverbs. The delay works really well also.

The things don't like are not being able to run certain effects at the same time. For example you cannot have a delay and reverb at the same time or have a pedal effect and a mod running at the same time. Unless the pedal is set for a volume pedal. I also dislike the compressor and would like more settings for it

The quality of the unit is unmatched. I've dropped it several times while transporting it, gotten it wet, and stepped on it numerous times and the pedal does not show any abuse and still sounds great.

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase an effects unit. It is both affordable, durable and very useful. You really can't go wrong with this product.

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