MGR/Tiemen Glastra 08/20/2002

Korg Ax1g : MGR/Tiemen Glastra's user review

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I bought this from a local instruments shop for about 160 dollars. I bought it because I was looking for a nice all-around guitar effects processor that could spit out pretty much any kind of sound that I wanted.

Simply put, it just does the job. You can either scroll through 30 factory effects and modify them or compose your own sounds. The interface is pretty nice, apart from a display that has no built in light, and allows really accurate editing. It doesn't eat batteries alive like many other pedals do, and it can spit out basically any kind of sound you want. Nice looks, easy use, and high quality versatile sound.

Nothing critical is missing, except a display light, which can be rather annoying, but a nice bright number indicating which effect is running kind of completely prevents it from being a problem on-stage. It's only a little annoying when editing your effects. Aside from that everything is top notch.
Especially the basic effects such as distortions, chorus, ambience and tremelo's sound great and come with many options.

For heavy metal distortions I'd reccomend an additional distortion box but it has all of the other effects covered very well.

It looks nice for an effects pedal, I'm not sure how much beating it can take but who would want to be jumping up and down on a synthesizer pedal anyway. It's nice and solid and the sound and hardware qualities are great.

I can reccomend this to anybody who is looking for a good quality effects processor. I've seen a lot of these things out but most sacrifice versatility for simplicity, even on so called "multi-effects processors". It's versatile, relatively cheap, and very high quality.

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