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le_primate 03/11/2012

Korg Ax1g : le_primate's user review


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Of all, it has been said


One big problem is that the buttons were whimsical, tiny ... do not rely on this pedal to mess with live effects. One program at home, and on stage from the change at the foot of presets, there's not much to do. The pedal is lightweight whawha plastoc pretty darn crappy and no


- THE pitch: A thousand years late, impossible to manage separately to groundwater
I like the effect randomizer (a funny filter)
otherwise I think the chorus is great, dirty, with a grain somewhat surprising, the delay is adjustable, a little wooden ...
the reverb is a little aggressive in frequencies but sometimes it's the long reverbs ... but not the foot, it is clear!
there are plenty of other fun effects like Ring Modulator, you can change the bottom bracket whawha

what's cool: compression sleazy, and I love the noise reduction: Super ... the equalization at large is quite handy.


I use it for 5 years, a guitarist friend gave it to me, I use it only for voice (and sometimes toy synths) this pedal to a unique sound that can be either dirty or neutral
same for the voice, I have not had any big problems of feedback, even if it is not made for that and there's no XLR input, I never wanted to change:
I put a lot of compression, a slight EQ and reverb: I love the sound, it's iuntelligible for live and cheaper than a TC helicon which will be more fishing, cleanliness .. and XLR ... but hey, for me this pedal is THE solution for the voice of the poor
if I made a preset for voice distortion: it can larsener but it is very acceptable, nice grain
another preset that I use:
- Over chorus + delay EQ in the midrange for a sound slightly robotic tape and delay, which, nice live and it gives a great texture to the voice