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MGR/Matthew Rehm --- 11/05/2001

Korg Ax1g : MGR/Matthew Rehm --- 's user review

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I bought this pedal from X-electrical in Kingston, Surrey, London, UK.
I bought it because it has some really nice effects for its price.
I bought it second hand mint condition, without box or manuals for £75.

I really like this unit because it defines truly useful guitar effects at the touch of a few buttons, some are used by the cream of the music industry today. Every effect is editable, from the use of the pedal to the name and what number setting the effect is.It even comes with a tuner, metronome, and mute function to shut up your strings when u need to.
Distortion, echo, whammi, wha-wha, and ones that are undescribable unless you can hear them!

The fact that the battery compartment doesn't like to be knocked, and apart from that its fine!

The construction and quality is second to none, the whole look of the pedal is really nice.

The best pedal for straight forward easy to use effects, utilised in a small attractive cheaply sold box!

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