Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
Guitar multi-effects Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Zoom GFX-707

    Zoom GFX-707 - "Zoom GFX-707"


    I bought this unit at music stop in Halifax Nova Scotia for $300. What I like about this unit is that it has an unbelievable amount of features in it for a fraction of the cost of other models. Once you get to know the unit well enough the clean ef…

  • DigiTech RP100A

    DigiTech RP100A - "Digitech RP-100A"


    I bought this multi effects pedal for $100 at guitar center, because I was looking for something broad that covered lots of different sounds. I like that you can make many many different sounds from it. The customization features are also pretty de…

  • DigiTech RP200A

    DigiTech RP200A - "Digitech RP200A"


    I bought this a a music store in Boston, Mass used for $100 in excellent condition. I bought as an upgrade to my original unit the RP50 which i grew out of. Also i bought it because i wanted something really simple i didnt want to have to carry aroun…

  • Yamaha Magicstomp

    Yamaha Magicstomp - "Yamaha Magicstomp"


    Purchased through Musicians Friend for less than $180, I was looking for a pedal that was a good value, and had previously owned a DG Stomp. The Magicstomp is very easy to use, with plenty of useable patches right out of the box. There are 99 User…

  • Zoom GFX-5

    Zoom GFX-5 - "Zoom GFX-5"


    I got this unit at Sam Ash Music in Queens, N.Y. and paid $199.00. I bought it because it produced everything I was looking for in a multi-effects unit. Great effects and the expression pedal is built in. One thing I look for in a multi-effects unit…

  • DigiTech RP100A

    DigiTech RP100A - "Digitech RP100A"


    I bought the RP100A from Guitar Center, where a friend of mine happened to be working. I was looking at a cheaper model (I think it was an RP80) and he suggested I spend a little more and get the RP100A. The cheaper model didn't have the same sturd…

  • Zoom 505II Guitar

    Zoom 505II Guitar - "Zoom 505 II Guitar Effects"


    I am a trailblazin' Iron Maiden guitarist and for that one needs effects for ones guitar.So I did buy one of it for my musical arsenal.I purchased it from E-bay for around INR 3000. Once you read the instructions,its usage is a piece of cake.Effects…

  • Korg A5

    Korg A5 - fairbec's review


    - Multi effects pedalboard including compression/exciter, 3-band EQ, flanger/chorus, reverb/delay, noise reduction. - Effects can be shaped at will, with different, but classic, settings for each effect: volume, depth, rate, attack, delay, duratio…

  • Zoom GFX-5

    Zoom GFX-5 - "Zoom GFX - 5"


    got it from the local music store. they had it for $495 au i got them down to $415 with p/s and 20 ft guitar lead. got it baceuse i didnt have the money for 10+ stomp box's and wanted more than the 505 type pedals that go for $100. tried the digitec …

  • DigiTech RP50

    DigiTech RP50 - "Digitech RP50 Guitar Effects Amp Modeler"


    I got the RP50 at Guitar Center with credit I had from a keyboard repair that I had paid for but was decided to be their responsibility. At the time of purchase, November of 2003, the RP50 ad just gone on sale from 79.99 to 69.99 and then for th…