Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
Guitar multi-effects Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME-50"


    UK - £225 At last no more mounting my favorite Boss pedals on home-made pedal-boards with power supplies and leads all over the place... this unit has it all in one neat solid package. I walked out of the store and thought I had finally the answer …

  • Lexicon MPX G2

    Lexicon MPX G2 - "Lexicon MPX G2"


    Paid $550. Got it off ebay in mint condition. The Construction of the unit is great, and comes with alot of useful options. The interface seems difficult at first, but once you skin through the important parts of the manual you get a hang of it. It …

  • Boss ME-30

    Boss ME-30 - "Boss ME-30"


    I got this piece of heaven at the GUitar Center in Ohio used for a little under $100.00 Man this thing is sweet. I was a big fan of the Boss Metal Zone pedal but was looking into getting some delay and wah going on. So I did some research and liked…

  • DigiTech RP50

    DigiTech RP50 - "Digitech RP50 Multi-Effects Processor"


    I bought it from a local music store for $70. I bought it because it is loaded with pretty cool fx and amp models and other cool stuff. The effects in the RP50 are great, there are tons of different fx, like flanger, phaser, wah, auto wah, ya ya, vo…

  • Zoom 505II Guitar

    Zoom 505II Guitar - "Zoom 505II"


    I paid $79.99 for the unit from Alpha Music in Virginia Beach, VA. I also brought a cabinet simulator direct box with this. The Effect sound very nice. I like how you can set the unit up to Queue up patches instead of changes one patch at a time. …

  • Zoom 606 Guitar

    Zoom 606 Guitar - "Zoom 606 Guitar Multi FX Processor"


    At a Pawn shop, "Nearly New", (wink wink), for $89.00. The sounds aren't too bad. Although the eq left much to be desired, the FX were decent. (Through my cabs, anyhow. Who knows how it will sound through yours!) This pedal is way undependable. I…

  • Zoom 505II Guitar

    Zoom 505II Guitar - "Zoom 505II"


    I went right online to to look for a pedal like my friend's zoom 505 effects unit. What I found was the 505II, the same great pedal with a few tweeks. After reading about this unit for awile, I figured with the same great perfo…

  • DigiTech RP300A

    DigiTech RP300A - "Digitech RP300A Multi Effects"


    I bought this off of in hopes of getting a reliable pedal with all the effects you could think of without burining a hole in my pocket. I payed $200 for it, which isn't too bad. It has pretty much every effect you could want to …

  • DigiTech RP80

    DigiTech RP80 - "Digitech RP80"


    I got this wonderful unit at Guitar Center! I payed about $79.99 for this beast. I couldn't resist. I had to choose between the rp50 or this, but for about 20 more washingtons I could get this which came with the Ex. Pedal and a power supply. I like…

  • DigiTech GSP2101 Artist

    DigiTech GSP2101 Artist - "Digitech GSP-2101 Artist"


    Paid $270, got it Off eBay. I Like almost everything about this unit. At first when i got it i didnt like it. I was about to sell it but gave it another try. It's really an amazinf FX unit. Im using it mainly for distortions. The other efffects are …