Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
Guitar multi-effects Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • DigiTech RP350

    DigiTech RP350 - "Digitech RP350"


    I have been a guitar player for over 35 years--mainly as a hobby. Sometimes in church. I purchased this unit yesterday from Musician's Friend--needing a good multiFX pedal. I paid $180.00 for it. What attracted me to the unit was that it had a US…

  • Behringer Digital Multi-FX FX100

    Behringer Digital Multi-FX FX100 - "Behringer FX100"


    I play 6-string, 12-string, and bass guitar and harmonica. I have been playing harmonica for 38 years, guitar for 36 years, and bass for 24 years. I have played in a couple of bands but primarily play as a solo musician. My musical style is a fusi…

  • DigiTech RP50

    DigiTech RP50 - "DigiTech RP50 Modeling Guitar Processor"


    I've been playing the guitar casually for about 15 years. During that time, I've been in a few bands in various capacities (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, singer, bassist or combinations thereof). During this time, I have never had much in the way of …

  • Zoom 505II Guitar

    Zoom 505II Guitar - "Zoom 505II"


    I've been playing guitar for about 7 years. mainly acoustic, but I've always loves effects and the countless sounds that can come out of the tons of pedals out there my biggest influences are pink floyd and radiohead I picked up the 505II for abo…

  • DigiTech RP50

    DigiTech RP50 - "Digitech RP 50"


    I have been playing guitar for five years in various garage bands and have played brass instruments for seven years. Currently I use an Ibanez GAX 70 as my throw around practice guitar because I like the agility of the neck, but for live shows and r…

  • Zoom GFX-1

    Zoom GFX-1 - "Zoom GFX-1"


    I play lead/rhythm electric/acoustic guitar. I have been playing instruments for 14 years. I am currently in a band that plays a wide variety of songs. My main influences are 80s hard rock, blues, and metal. I received this unit for my birthday t…

  • Alesis GuitarFX

    Alesis GuitarFX - "Alesis GuitarFX"


    Purchased from Musician's Friend for $69.00(US) Replacement for aging DOD Acoustic1 multiFX board. Visually attractive. Unfortunately, that's about the only nice thing I have to say about this unit. A piece of petrified dung encased in crystal is…

  • DigiTech RP50

    DigiTech RP50 - "Digitech RP-50"


    I bought this unit a while ago now.It was my first effects pedal, and so naturally, having nothing to compare it with, i found it great. Once you get the hang of the system, it is incredibly easy to edit and store your own sounds. The digitech soun…

  • Korg Ax10g

    Korg Ax10g - "Korg AX10G Modeling Signal Processor"


    I purchased this unit from Nevada Music's online store for a mere £75. Considering everyone else was selling it for over £100, this was damn cheap! I bought it for home use, although it'd brilliant for live use too (used it onstage at the school tale…

  • Korg A5

    Korg A5 - Jules Joffrin's review


    USE It's very easy to use...The problem live is that it works with 5-preset banks. That certainly isn't its most practical side, but you can make do with some experience. Editing sounds is pretty easy, once you've understood how it works. But it'…