Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
Guitar multi-effects Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • TC Electronic G-Force

    TC Electronic G-Force - RickD's review


    This is a stereo preamp (with adjustable input gain on the front) with all the main guitar effects except a proper distortion. The flangers & phasers are lovely and the delays & reverbs are wonderful. It's digital, of course, with 8 processors, 1 pe…

  • DigiTech RP300A

    DigiTech RP300A - goodbyebluesky's review


    Digitech's RP line are computer chip driven multi-effects floor units boasting effects like flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, tremolo, envelope filter, chorus, delay, and reverb along with amp simulations of popular amps. Some have an expression pedal…

  • Boss GT-8

    Boss GT-8 - Rockmonster's review


    Boss Loads of effects.Loads of amp models.Loads of DISTORTION pedal models! Sheesh...what will they think of next? Anyway this guy has MIDI,USB,PCP... lol. All digital..I think..unless there is something analog on the compression and e.q.…

  • DigiTech GSP2101 Artist

    DigiTech GSP2101 Artist - Rockmonster's review


    Hmmm.. what are the effects used. Wellllll... this preamp/effects unit was definitely "it" back in the day... and yep. I'm the original owner. This is based upon the regular, 1-S-disc,no Artist,no chrome, no nothing GSP 2101. This is an ana…

  • DigiTech GSP2101 Artist

    DigiTech GSP2101 Artist - myriam63660_en's review


    Analog preamp + digital multifx in a 2U rack Got more effects than you'll ever need in this unit UTILIZATION - you got to be patient when you setup the 2101, the effects chains can be very complicated: lots of paraméters, same effect can be used an…

  • Boss GT-3

    Boss GT-3 - myriam63660_en's review


    - a great bunch of effects UTILIZATION - Présets configuration is really easy. There's is also an EZ edit for even more quickness. - The LCD screen and the effect chain diagram are well designed: in one look you see the active effects SOUND QUALIT…

  • Korg A5

    Korg A5 - DoWn's review


    The pedalboard is made of plastic (it weighs about 5 lbs) and has a somewhat old look, which is normal since it is old!!!! 4 effects if I remember correctly: compression / distortion / delay / flanger Plus a 3-band EQ and a noise gate. It's …

  • Korg A5

    Korg A5 - lolomicro42's review


    The basic effects are fine! Compressor, distortion, EQ, echo, delay. The connection options are very simple: 2 output jacks, 1 input jack, 1 headphone output, in short, all you need to play without having to go through 1000 pages, you simply plug in…

  • DigiTech RP350

    DigiTech RP350 - "DigiTech RP350"


    See my prior review--posted 12-31-2006 See my prior review--posted 12-31-2006 Actually, I like this unit even less than before. There isn't much to like. Where to begin. As noted in the prior review, this unit died after two hours. I later disc…

  • Zoom GFX-707

    Zoom GFX-707 - "Zoom GFX-707"


    Pro musician/composer, mainly writing for others now, but still doing the odd gig here and there. A dealer in Charing Cross Road, London (sorry- I forget the name.) Cost around £100 about 5 years ago. I bought it as I was looking for a single pedal …