Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
Guitar multi-effects Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Boss GT-10

    Boss GT-10 - "The BOSS GT-10 Is The Best Guitar Pedal"


    The BOSS GT-10is the best guitar pedal because it has the best dynamic range compared to other guitar multi effects pedals, lots of effects (including: flanger, chorus, delays, reverbs, amp models, speaker models, mic models, compressor/limiter, trem…

  • Zoom G9.2tt

    Zoom G9.2tt - "Almost Every Guitar Effect in One Pedalboard"


    Having a Marshall Stack and array of boutique effects pedals for your guitar seems to be the ideal way to go to get that immaculate guitar sound. The problem is that unless you have roadies attending to your every whim, bringing your 4x12 cabinet, JC…

  • Tech 21 Fly Rig 5

    Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 - "For studio? Yes. Live? It depends."


    It's a pedal with a built-in Sansamp, meaning a preamp with speaker simulation, plus a delay, a Plexi simulation and a 21dB boost. It's analog, with very sensitive controls, all of which have a real impact on sound. I use it live with a mixing cons…

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Get a lot for a little for OK quality"


    I bought this effects pedal long ago as I was on a budget and wanted a Wah, chorus, phaser, distortion, and pretty much everything in one box just to test out and experiment without breaking the bank. I'm not a techie so I won't even try and expla…

  • Korg G3

    Korg G3 - "Why drive yourself up the wall?"


    I just got it (no, it wasn't launched during the 2014 NAMM!) and it works great. Clean, crunch and lead presets, plus some banks, easy and readable. Not too much latency when switching presets, not worse than my Fender mustang 3 anyway. Great conn…

  • DigiTech GSP2101 Artist

    DigiTech GSP2101 Artist - Lle-ibazar's review


    See specs. UTILIZATION It's really easy to use, you have direct access to the parameter groups via the buttons and you can edit the parameters with the wheel and cursor, it also has customizable memory presets. Regarding the manual: I haven't ha…

  • Zoom GFX-8

    Zoom GFX-8 - mertztilithurts's review


    The available fx are for the most part amazing and sound great. UTILIZATION The setup is a little complicated until you get the hang of it. I thought the manual was hard to understand at first so I kind of 'learned by doing'. Once you have a feel f…

  • Korg G3

    Korg G3 - "Simplicity - Quickness - Effectiveness"


    There's not much to add to what's been said already. It's rustic and retro... USE The main strength of this unit: Simplicity - Quickness - Effectiveness It's made for people who want to play and not spend hours fiddling with controls. It take…

  • Alesis Quadraverb Q2 V2

    Alesis Quadraverb Q2 V2 - "Alesis Q2 thru Marshall JMP1"


    That's the rig I've used for about 17 years now, a Q2 in the effects loop of a Marshall JMP-1 preamp. Great, lush sounds, if properly adjusted. Convenient when you can run up to 8 effects at once! Saves space on the floor. No compression, though. Min…

  • Korg G3

    Korg G3 - "SUPER HAPPY"


    CLEAN / CRUNCH / LEAD Analog gear is cool. I've had really complex pedalboards and even some that change your sound as soon as you plug in your guitar. In this case, the sound of your guitar and amp are preserved, as if you had connected a simple pe…