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Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum model

    Hufschmid Guitars Tantalum model - "Hufschmid Tantalum model Super Strat 6 string" has images


    This guitar is my 4th build from Patrick Hufschmid. I have been a guitarist for coming up on 41 years, and I am also a professional guitar technician. I know guitars, inside and out... I know what makes them "tick", and the subtle intricacies that ma…

  • B.C. Rich Bronze Mockingbird

    B.C. Rich Bronze Mockingbird - "Bronze Mockingbird Yard sale buy" has images


    Lucked out and found this gem in a custom fitted hardshell case at a yard sale. Lady wasn't sure if it worked and wanted it gone since she was moving so I only paid 20$ for it. Has a couple chips in the paint, old D'Addario strap locks, and it mu…

  • LTD MV-200

    LTD MV-200 - "what a nice guitar"


    So i found it on my attic, it was given to my dad as a gift from a guy who didnt want it anymore, didnt know it was such an expensive guitar, and it was given free, had to give it maintainance but its now really smooth to play in, its really high qua…

  • Godin SDxt

    Godin SDxt - "Versatile and Quality Build."


    I am using this guitar with a Fender Blues Junior 3 amp. I play mainly rock and blues so I use the Bridge or Neck pickups most of the time. Godin is a brand that I had heard a lot of positive things about. The wood from Canada assembled in Americ…

  • PRS 25th Anniversary 513

    PRS 25th Anniversary 513 - "513 is the ultimate guitar" has images


    I am a guitar player since 1979, 40 years of playing countless electric guitars. I started from the very bottom with low budget guitars, in fact my first "great" guitar was a Fender Strat Plus in 1993 (which I still have). But being an old rock lover…

  • Epiphone Goth G-400

    Epiphone Goth G-400 - "Looks great but the pickups are noisy"


    I'm always using TH2 program via computer. (and only for monitoring, I use an old East German amplifier, called 'Regent') old school sounds, I like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_BeyPcqzg4 pros Mine guitar was made in Korea, so beca…

  • Jackson JS30WR Warrior

    Jackson JS30WR Warrior - "Great neck, and versatile sounds" has images


    I'm always using TH2 program via computer. (and for monitoring, I use an old East German amplifier, called 'Regent') this is how it sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMzim3Iqy_4 I got it with hard case! Not bad, for the price :-) …

  • Harley Benton L-450Plus

    Harley Benton L-450Plus - "Good, but needs some TLC"


    I'm always use TH program, running on a PC, and choose 'Guitar Hero' preset for this solo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqk1Y6sI_xg Of course, the intro was played with neck position pick up, and the solo with bridge. :-) This solo was pla…

  • Gibson Rd Artist

    Gibson Rd Artist - "Unusual Gibson"


    My guitar is a Gibson RD Artist in natural, made in 1978. I bought it used almost 25 years later, it is still in all original condition except for the Schaller straplocks. I think the features of this guitar are well-known by now. Active MOOG electro…

  • Hamer Californian USA

    Hamer Californian USA - "Hamer Califonian Elite" has imagescontains audio examples


    My guitar is a Californian Elite from 1991. Ebony board with boomerang inlays, optional solid two-piece curly maple body, and factory EMG's with push/pull knob for coil split. It also came factory with a tone knob. The previous owner had Dimarzio cli…