mooseherman 01/26/2010

Wurlitzer 200A : mooseherman's user review


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What can be said about this instrument that hasn't already been said? There's a reason that these are selling at absurdly high rates right now. From Joni Mitchell to Ray Charles to Motown, many great recordings have been made using these great electric pianos. The 200A is a newer model. When I learned that, I was skeptical, as I remember many companies tampering with a classic and turning out a sub-par imitation. However, the 200A is just as good as the original Wurlitzers, at least as far as I could ever tell. It also has a bit more range than those, as there is a knob for controlling tremolo as well as the original volume knob. This is the only benefit that it has over the 112, but it is a tremendous benefit, as it offers far more range on the natural instrument and requires the player to rely less on outside interference. It also has a speaker which allows the player to quietly play it acoustically. It does have the amp output as well. This, in my opinion, is where the interesting possibilities lie. I love the natural distortion that occurs on this instrument. When I listen to Ray Charles' "What'd I Say" or Marvin's "I Heard it Through the Grapevine", I love the distortion that I hear on them. I'm not even sure that it was intentional, but it's almost irrelevant for me as it's the sound I prefer.This similar effect can be achieved, to various intensities and settings, with a good Fender Twin amp, although any good tube amp will do really. Distortion the one advantage that this has over the Fender Rhodes, which doesn't sound as good distorted, although that instrument is great in it's own right. Great for jazz, blues, rock, gospel, even great hip-hop and dance music has featured these instruments. If you can find/afford a good one, it's well worth it, as there aren't many who can. Be prepared to empty out the account though. For serious musicians only, as far as I'm concerned.