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Need help Reason 3.0, want to burn my own cds[Reason Studios Reason 3.0]3Anesh6960011/03/2006 02:45
by dj_budddhika
Trying to find good soundcard for Reason 3.0[Reason Studios Reason 3.0]3dcepero6124610/03/2006 04:02
by ra7or
No worries found out how to import voice samples on reason![Reason Studios Reason 3.0]0darkside_8740709/27/2006 02:53
by darkside_87
Reason Novice, possible to import voice samples? what format?[Reason Studios Reason 3.0]0darkside_8760909/25/2006 07:23
by darkside_87
Need Help with Reason 2.5[Reason Studios Reason 2.5]0Deige85105/29/2006 02:29
by Deige
anyone use reason 2.5?[Reason Studios Reason 2.5]8mclearz105603/30/2006 18:22
by insightful
this is probably easy[Image Line FL Studio 8 Producer Edition]0skatch50705/05/2005 22:44
by skatch
Need Help With Reason 2.5[Reason Studios Reason 2.5]2mysticdream21st87808/27/2004 08:39
by wendl_en
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