Image Line Fruity Loops 3
Image Line Fruity Loops 3

Fruity Loops 3, Electronic Music Sequencer from Image Line in the Fruity Loops series.

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Busy Child 02/29/2004

Image Line Fruity Loops 3 : Busy Child's user review


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Trouble-free installation, no problems of incompatibility either.
The app is easy to use, the primary functions are intuitive, and go into more detail, the manual is well screwed, even if we would like to have more tips (fortunately There's sites like Audiofanzine!). Compared to its competitors, is suffering from a virtual studio interface quite "heavy", and finally it is a matter of taste.


Before renewing my PC config, I had a PII/400MHz/128Mo RAM / Old Aureal sound card
and I must say that with Win98, FL doing well (of course, with "too many" effects and tracks, it's loose).


I use this app and I have not let go.

+: Can be quickly programmed drum loops, melodic lines (mostly oriented Electro), assign FX and get a good result (in the ear for quality, there's rumors)
-: The Pianoroll is impractical when we need to go into a high resolution (8th of black ... it is then necessary to set the note)
-: The sequencer can just put layer patterns, resulting in automated systems that quickly become galley (I advise Floops + A sequencer door (cubase SX and Acid for example)).

Price / quality ratio, we can not complain.
I probably do it again the choice, but if I had known, I would have waited FL Studio, instead of getting ripped off with "updates gratos"