Image Line Fruity Loops 3
Image Line Fruity Loops 3

Fruity Loops 3, Electronic Music Sequencer from Image Line in the Fruity Loops series.

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Dr Driller 03/04/2003

Image Line Fruity Loops 3 : Dr Driller's user review


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Installation without problem.
gnral the config is easy, the software is very simple handle.


My config is the era of fruity: 733 p3, 256 ram, DD 5400 rev / min

this config c'tait trs if I used the modules fruity loops, for resources against the evil trs trs g for VST instrument and effect and DX which consumes more than bcp resources if they are open ds cubase for example.

black spot: the stability (this is gonna qd is core modules .. but it is not stable at all with VSTI DXI or.)


I used one year.

I loved the simplicity of handling, and report quality price seems good since the update is free for life.

by against the grain noise is dplorable ds that mix multiple tracks, and programming is far from being at the top.

With the exprience I would not choose to re .. Reason for beginners I find better or on cubase SL but it is probably more healer, though I pass trs good momment with fruity loops and it is a soft smelling the Ides penss well!