Reason Studios Reason 1
Reason Studios Reason 1

Reason 1, Electronic Music Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Reason series.

FP User 10/31/2008

Reason Studios Reason 1 : FP User's user review


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Considering this software is usually described as "studio in a box", it does lack something for me: I wish I could record straight into it, instead of having to export reason songs as audio files into cubase(or cakewalk) to finish the song. You can import an audio file into the sampler, but it's messy. Other than that, the features are great, and extensive. A really wonderful piece of software.

Price paid


Easy enough for a novice. I abhor manuals, so I study the examples and tutorial songs to learn. But you can definitely feel your way through. I'm sure it's even easier if you read the manuals.


I have a Soundblaster Audigy soundcard... I've never had a problem w/ sound.

The propellorheads website is chock full of help and info. Free samples to download... I've never had to contact customer support and I've had it two years now, so good on Reason!


I use this as my lifeline really, I have a midi keyboard, and so far it's saved me getting a piano. It's really got everything a budding musician could want. A synth and sampler w/ a HUGE library of sounds... a drum machine, a Dr REX loop thingy which is a life saver for those of us (me) who don't know the semantics of programming a drum machine. load of effects. This will be a great addition to any studio.

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