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  • Yamaha DTX-Multi 12

    Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 - " high performance Multipad"


    I had this Multipad, the sound quality is excellent and the samples factory too, there is a fifty pre-programmed kits and we can program 200 which is puzzling! It is possible to install via a usb stick its own samples but then pity, the capacity is n…

  • Clavia Nord Drum

    Clavia Nord Drum - " A Swiss Army knife"


    I wanted a synth drum not too expensive, which goes straight to the point and that is editable. I have another machine as a drum Electribe MX. The Nord Drum is really great. I found the grip awfully easy, I am still amazed. The manual is clear (Eng…

  • Yamaha DTX-Multi 12

    Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 - " big machine"


    very good machine with plenty of its more of its importable and ennormme capasite more o, n can plug a bass drum and snare charlet into a mini electro drumkit parcontre be sure to read the manual for the possibility of the machine …

  • Yamaha DTX-Multi 12

    Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 - " Complexity prog PATERN"


    HELLO TO ALL. Possessor of a DTX, I used extra on acoustic drums (though with sound) The sounds are good, and the material of the pads; little "scam" on the price of materials .. I myself have opted for a computer suopport 30 € (hyper tripod st…

  • Millenium DP-1000

    Millenium DP-1000 - " midi controller nikel"


    good product use twelve o'clock I use it with a pedal kik more to control my drums ableton racks, c top …

  • Alesis DM Lite Kit

    Alesis DM Lite Kit - " really nice"


    I use it for less than a week. No I have not tried other elctronique batteries before because I'm a beginner. To whom I love most: big pedal relatively silent because no cash bate. Charley cymbal and ultra quiet! His great personal right as a…

  • Roland TD-9K

    Roland TD-9K - " Efficient and scalable"


    I have this model for over 4 years now, and I must say that this is really what I needed model here: General: - Palette of its more than correct (with tone controls for each sound) - Possibility to expand the base set (I added a wrinkle CY 12R…

  • Clavia Nord Drum 2

    Clavia Nord Drum 2 - " Yeahhh"


    Here is the little trick I waited a long time, a synth "drum". With a Cirklon, which is the copy of the step sequencer to the TR 808/909 (real killing this thing), I was looking for a small expander drum, but with a good MIDI and implementation mu…

  • Roland TD-4K

    Roland TD-4K - " geniale and compleat"


    I ssay several acoustic model and having a drumkit before I wanted one that was closest to the truth. She does my favorite. Best ratio quality price my opinion. Dmonte easy, practical, fair bit double up. The module offers a wide range of possibiliti…

  • Fame DD8600

    Fame DD8600 - " I recommend"


    I recommend for the price / quality ratio given that a kit with mesh heads on all pads and a module with numerous possibilities, all for such a low price: 719 euros! Of course this is not the ROLAND quality (not dream), but ultimately the quality i…