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which keyboard to buy????



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New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 12/26/2004 at 10:40:39
hey , want a keyboard with realistic sounds and a programmable drum beats. Can any one suggest me a synth. I just play at home for fun.
THAANKS for any suggestion


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New AFfiliate

2 Posted on 07/27/2005 at 01:29:17
Hi, what's your budget? There are several good synths second hand on the market right now. If I may advise you, you can consider the following for < $ 500,00:

E-MU PK 6: 32mb of real instruments and a lot of very good beats.
Roland XP-30: lots of good instruments and expandable with optinal cards.
KORG N5/X3: older instruments but still very vertasile and good sounding.
Yamaha CS1x or CS2x: dance orientated but good.
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