Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf
Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf

MF-105M Midi Murf, Filter from Moog Music in the Moogerfooger series.

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wwhhhaatt 07/20/2011

Moog Music MF-105M Midi Murf : wwhhhaatt's user review

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The Moog murf is a digitally controlled analog filter. On the front panel it has controls for drive, output, mix, envelope, rate, a/b bank, and pattern selection.
There are also 8 sliders to control which frequencies are altered.

The rear panel has 1/4" jacks for input and stereo output. There are also stereo 1/4" jacks that allow you to use an expression pedal to control the rate, mix, envelope, and sweep along with a jack for tap tempo.


This is not a simple pedal by any means. Hooking it up is pretty straight forward but understanding the functions and knobs is a whole other story. You can just twiddle knobs and play with the sliders to get neat sounds out of it but it will just be guessing. The manual is long and very much necessary with this pedal as with most of the Moogerfooger line. I bought this used and did not receive a manual but it can be downloaded from the Moog website. Once you get a general idea of which pattern does what it becomes much more apparent what is happening when you turn the sliders.


The Moog murf has an active preamp in it that is always present in bypass and effect mode. Many guitar players complain about the preamp but I did not find it to be too bad, definitely not something that would stop me from using the murf.

The effect itself is just amazing sounding. There are not many other companies that can make modulation effects that sound this thick. From bubbly to bleepy all the sounds are just other worldly. I find it equally useable on guitar and synth with maybe a slight edge to synth as you have a wider range of tones to work with. I would describe the sound as a highly tweakable mix of sample and hold and step filter. The pedal sweeps through the frequencies selected by the sliders and filters them in the most Moogish of ways.

It is hard to rate it on functionality as it's really up to the user to understand how it works to get the most out of it. I really think the tap tempo is absolutely necessary. The effect really needs to be synced to the ebat you are playing otherwise it just sounds off. One you get it synced it can totally transform the tune you are working on.


This is pricey piece of gear that requires lots of reading and experimenting to really use well. If you like to just plug and play I suggest you find something like a sample and hold pedal to get similar sounds easier. If you are like me and enjoy tweaking and options then this is a great pedal.