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Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

Thread Liquid 56 connections to PC\Windows 10 and AV 7.1 Amp

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1 Liquid 56 connections to PC\Windows 10 and AV 7.1 Amp
Hi there

I have my liquid 56 connected to my PC through firewire and thus far all is well, except for the 48khz sample rate limitation over multi channels. Anyways that is not my MAIN/ONLY issue, more on that later. I want to mix/over bud with 7.1 and so want to connect the Liquid outputs directly to a AV 7.1 amp. These questions are all based on playback at 7.1 or 8 channel audio output. I already have this through HDMI but I need to use another amp/set of more appropriate speakers.

So my question relates to the S/PDIF ADAT sockets on the rear/back of the Liquid. Are these ONLY for connecting an ADAT extension box like the Optre?

Can these be used to connect to an amp? I have NEVER tried hence I ask the question first

If the Liquid can handle up to 192khz sample rates but only transport a max 48khz over 400 firewire running 8 channels how is one supposed to get round this limitation? What if you had the Optre and have 16 input channels? no idea on that one since I have never owned one (yet)

Even a 800 firewire card in the computer would be pointless (I have one) since the Liquid only has 400 firewire sockets. Can you connect two firewire cables from the Liquid to the computer or S/PDIF to computer??

Liquid to AV amp. Currently I run TRS jack outputs 3-10 to two 4 channel power amps for playback. Can I use the S/PDIF outputs to an AV amps S/PDIF inputs? else I know I can just continue to run jacks out from the LIquid to the phono inputs on the amp - yip the amp has them its a good one and bought only cos of the phono socket 7.1 inputs (think it has more but will only be using 7.1/8

Why might you ask do you not connect the motherboards S/PDIF to the amp? mmm I already run HDMI to another 7.1 (Atmos) amp through to the screens, but it has high quality Hi-Fi speakers and I am not going to put live raw guitars through them poor things, they would blow in minutes. The amp I want to use would have stage/PA speakers attached (the ones on the power amp) and the amp can more than handle the level of volume I would use/need which is not a lot. But then could I run S/PDIF from the motherboard to the amp when using the Liquid inputs? no idea, never tried it or considered how the audio networking would work from the liquid or inside a DAW. Or what limitations this would present or advantages gained.

If I am recording a single guitar take, I separately capture (clean) raw isolated DI, I have DI from the amps and two mics on the front of cabs and one rear and maybe even a couple of mics at the back of the room for ambiance !! SO in total I could have 8 inputs from one take/bud.

The audio input routing starts with 8 channel DI box a 8 channel mic/line splitter and into a Samson S-Patch through into the XLR Liquid. With the DI-Box mic/line splitter and S-patch I can play with the audio routing sources into the Liquid

I do have voicemeeter Potato installed and working and mainly using Studio One

Thoughts suggestion advice and question more than welcome.

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