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Focusrite Saffire
Focusrite Saffire

Thread Trying to make Saffire Firewire to work on my Win 10 laptop - Firewire to USB

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1 Trying to make Saffire Firewire to work on my Win 10 laptop - Firewire to USB
Hello Group,

I hope everyone is doing ok :D::D: I just joined to ask for some help with my Saffire Firewire interface. Here is the situation:
I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 with Windows 10 to try to make it happen. I downloaded and installed the saffire-2.71 drivers in the laptop which I think is fine.
Then, I have a regular firewire cable, the one for the Saffire, same conector both ends. I purchased an adapter from Amazon to convert from Firewire to USB and I am using the external power adapter for the Saffire. When I tried to test it with the USB adapter, I got an error from Windows saying the USB was getting too much power and then it disables the port.

I know this type of Firewire cable (6-pin if I am not wrong) will power the interface from the computer directly so I believe the interface is sending power via the cable that is going into the laptop through the USB adapter and that is causing the port to be disabled.

I was thinking to use another type of cable, like the Firewire from 6-pin (the one I have) to the 4-pin that I know it does not provide power to the interface from the computer so I can use the external power supply. In this case I will need to find an adapter from Firewire 4-pin to USB (which I don't know if exists)

Any idea or recommendation on how to make this interface work with my laptop?

Thanks a lot for your help and time in advance! I am including some pictures.focusrite-saffire-2884176.jpg