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M-Audio Firewire 410
M-Audio Firewire 410

Thread m-audio firewire410 problem

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1 m-audio firewire410 problem
hello people!
so now i most solve this long awaited to be solved problem.
under cubase sx 3 with asio and all
im playing midi from my keyboard thru usb and its working good
im playing midi from my microkorg thru the m-audio midi port and is working good
also audio from the synth is goin in and record
asio direct monitoring is off on the cubase panel but not disabled on the cards hardware panel configuration
then after few seconds , or minutes , or hours , suddnly audio goes vzzzzzzzinggggggg
and input becomes like the last buffer inserted and stuck and need to restart computer to make it work
i just discuvered the reset button on the maudio panel , maybe it will be insted of restart
but stoping the process is still happening.
WTF?!?!?!?!!? :mad:
the midi form the usb is working great , also the midi output form the card ,
sometimes also the midi input form the card goin bad and just not working...
it only happens on the cubase, any other simpler software dont have any problems...
im waiting for response form maudio , just wrote them email... and i think lots of people have problems like this.. i hope not , but probbly someone ha?
Ok , no one answered so i wil just say the problem was solved
by buying a good quality firewire express card , like pcmcia
with a cheap from texass instruments and use that insted of built in firewire port on laptop
So you're still using the m-audio? are you happy with it?
Ok after writing a pretty optimistic reply i was looking again at the all site and decided to add a little more words.
i have the m-audio and a laptop and i bought both for a small price i could
pay at the time , and they both work great but i know i need to upgrade both
nevermind the laptop , the m-audio unit is very easy but not very pro.
i had tons of problems actually.
the first problem in the first topic was the biggest , the firewire needed to be upgraded to 6 pin cable with an extrnal express card.
the drivers are too simple and not working with other host program running.
the unit itself can be much smaller i think , i mean i want. and more solid.
i dont get an optimal low latency that i want , mostly most run on a 10-15 ms.
unless i really optimize the project for live perf.
and im not shure about the optimal quality of the jacks for recording , convertors and output signals...
but eventually , im REALLY happy with it since it does have 2 ins and 4 outs and it does play what i type in the keys :).
eventually i will upgrade , or probbly add another more solid unit.
Is there a midi in/out? and do you need an external power supply, or is it powered by the usb connection?

it looks like a nice product. how much did you pay?
Yes there is an midi in out , and is well used.
the unit needs an external power supply under my laptop
but if used with a laptop that has a built in 6 pin firewire
then it suppose to use laptop power , but i don have so didnt test it.
on a pc desktop with pci firewire it does not get power , and need extrnal supply. witch is a minor for me but not a big issue since cable is very flexible and light power unit.
i bought it for 400 euro about a year and a half ago , dont know the price now
the unit i s very nice but it had alot of problems and i know other friends that had the same issues with it
sometimes u need to restart , the drivers kinda buggy and not loading when need to set an out/in in the driver mixer , firewire issues , not the best convertors / inputs...
for me i solved all the problems i hope and now when playing is pure fun 4 outs and 1 in with midi in out.

Quote: 4 outs and 1 in with midi in out

looks like there are 2 ins.
Yea ther are 2 mic ins and 2 mono/1 stereo line in and u can choose between mic/line
i mostly use the line in with a synth in stereo so i counted them as 1 st. in.
the mic is for guitar/mic/ anlso for line of low level insts.