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M-Audio Firewire 410
M-Audio Firewire 410

Thread conectivity problem with M-audio firewire 410

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Topic conectivity problem with M-audio firewire 410
Hello there,
I spend around 600euros couple of months ago buying one of the so called best sound interfaces money can buy.The m-audio 410 firewire.The sound card has great recording capabilities when its working!
It is suddenly after a few hours of operation loosing its conectivity.The blue light is on but there is no sound card recognized.I have to restart my computer every time and believe me that is a pain in the ass.Sometimes its happening even more often. I follwed again and again the instalation instructions and updated the drivers.What could be going wrong then?
I have to clarify that the firewire cable is connected to a PCI card with 3 firewire ports that i have installed in my motherboad.Could that be the problem?or the cable it self?(other devices that i have used there worked fine though).Where the conflict can be?maybe the windows xp?
Can anyone help me please?i would be greatfull...

Operation system:
p4 3.2
Ram 1G
Windows XP with SP2

PS in a forum i read that it might be the Firewire card chipset.what is that and how can i check it?

thanks in advance
I am having exactly the same problem... Sometimes it will play just fine for hours, but most of the time there is a system-wide audio dropout that is only solved by shutting down and starting the PC (simply rebooting won't work, here).

M-Audio support suggested it might be an incompatibility with some device... But there is only a network card plugged in. I don't think I am supposed to lose network for the 410 to work.

idealkrush, were you able to solve your problem? What did you do?

Thank you,
Not th answer but information that can help:

Ok I have lived with this issue for quite some time only because i like the 410 so much, and only because i'm from a PC technical background and i am upgrading my system soonish, i'm not sure as to what exactly causes this issue but i can say this much:

1. Some PC Firewire pci cards have a Firewire Network option if you go into your control Panel and look at network connections you may see those there I am pretty certain that there is in my system at least a conflict here as i can tell you that if my normal PCI Network card is NOT switched on my 410 does not operate properly and the sound cracks up and distorts.

2. you probably do NOT have to reboot your system do this :

no DAW system open Or ANY other program that is using it.

a. Card drops out
b. turn off front button (light should flash)
c. go to back OF 410
d. pull out the firewire cable (in PC's Firewire is hot plug and play)
e. put the cable back into the other Firewire port on the 410 (wait for the light to flash again)
f. Engage the front button again and the 410 should go through boot up with the series of lights
g. you are back in business with out reboot.

NOTE it only works if you don't have a program utilising it at the time:

now with a DAW open

SAME thing i can only speak for Cubase when it drops it will give and error message and might freeze you can get around it by turning off the button and unplugging the cable then go to the Task manager icon for the 410 near the time click it and it will tell you that there is not card to engage now go back to your Cubase the system should be unfrozen now plug cable again and turn on light then go to devices and change the card to another ASIO option then change it back to the 410 ASIO:

You may think this is a long way around but you won't if it means you are able to unfreeze your system and save your fresh new unsaved song and/or material.

Great soundcard bad bad design... bad external card bad external card GO to YOUR ROOM>

but PCs are the ultimate free market system really so there will always be conflicts i'm calling PCI card issue on this one. to do with the NETWORK.
Dont know if this is related, but I have had annoying issues with my audio since I installed my Firewire Solo.

My system:
Windows XP Pro w/SP2
Supermicro P4DC6+ motherboard with Dual P4 1.7Ghx
1 GB memory
Hyperthreading Enabled (I eventually disabled this, more later...)
Adaptec Firewire 4300 card (3 6-pin FW ports)
M-Audio Firewire Solo
Ableton Live 5.03

[color=#b60800]Initial problems:[/color]
1. Lots of tracks in a project would cause a lot of drag and latency issues in my playback. I assumed this was a setting, or perhaps more memory needed
2. Sometimes in the middle of using Live, one of two things would happen:
a. CRASH! BLUE SCREEN with "Bad_Pool_Caller" message. I always suspected this was tied into some other process happening that was tied into my XP media features-- such as Messenger running and trying to let me know a friend was online. Restart would make things fine again.
b. Sound drops out entirely similar to as described in above post-- not just in Live but for all applications. It was almost as if the M-Audio driver would freak out & shut itself down. Required a restart.

What I did: Upgraded to 2 GB memory

[color=#b60800]Current Problem:[/color]
No longer getting the Blue Screen. However, my entire system will freeze solid when running anything that accesses either my M-Audio driver or pretty much anything on my FW/1394 connection chain, such as my external LaCie backup drive. I also notice consistent freezes when I play media movies in WMP11, as well as when I use the internet to access a site that has flash banners. Yep. Basically, I can't really do anymore recording.

When I unplug my firewire components, system runs fine.
After researching online, I went into the BIOS setup and turned off Hyperthreading, which I at first though fixed the issue, but after a few hours it seems to be back.

I know that Windows XP Media Center Edition is NOT COMPATIBLE AT ALL with M-Audio drivers. As I said, I have always suspected an incompatibility with the media aspects of XP is causing this shit to happen. I wonder how much of the Media Center Edition OS is also included in regular old XP Professional, and maybe it's a system update that is now causing the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas??????? I dont want to buy a new system since I have no confidence that I wont just run into this issue again, $3000 later.
Another interesting experience (AND A FIX) with the Firewire 410 and a network card:

The symptom was that audio works, but crackles/pops every second or so, generally when audio is louder.

Removed, swapped, and juggled cards for a very long time, with what seemed to be millions of boots, looking for the mythical "IRQ conflict".
Though IRQs were shared with cards in certain positions, couldn't ever find an IRQ conflict, even with only the firewire card and the network card in the computer.
Finally tried this: In windows, disabled the network card - problem went away. Aha!
Of course, I really didn't want to operate the computer without a network card, or use a special hardware profile requiring reboot between recording & network use.
Out of pure curiosity, unplugged network _cable_ - problem went away! Wow!
Of course, I really didn't want to operate the computer without a network cable, or have to plug & unplug between recording & network use.
Had another old network card laying around, so tried it - problem went away completely! :) Even with all cards back in computer, network connected, network in use, etc.

So the final solution was changing the network card from the CNet one to an old 3Com one, and everything works great.

Apparently some network cards interfere with the firewire signal. I'm not sure if the interference was with the firewire card, or the 410, since I didn't have another firewire audio device to test with, but the network card (which worked fine otherwise) was definitely the culprit.

I hope somebody else can benefit from the hours it took me to figure this one out. :)
i had a pretty same prob. on a laptop with an ilink firewire , the small one.
also a friend had the same prob with the ozonic firewire from m-audio.
so what i did...
got a GOOD express card with a chip from Texas Instruments with ONLY two firewire 400 ports.
any cheap chips firewire cards will eventually have a IRQ conflict
and will eventually have a drop , it dosent metter for most
of the devices such as hard drives or simple cameras, but with live audio stream with DAW it does metter.
i mean , if u go to the device manager and find the IEEE 1394 devices
take a look in the driver or the brand name. i have my unnamed general OHCI Complient from the laptop that i DISABLEd now (it is also conflict with the video card!) and also now have the Texas Instruemnts OHCI Complient IEEE 1394 Host Controller that is the express card.
i guess this is the same in all desktop pcs. if u got one with a VIA chipset driver or a general , thi smeans its NOT good. so get a more expansive firewire card instead of a cheap one and it should fix the problem.