MOTU UltraLite mk3
MOTU UltraLite mk3

UltraLite mk3, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the UltraLite series.

M0LI 10/13/2011

MOTU UltraLite mk3 : M0LI's user review

«  Satisfied »

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The purchase of the card was motivated by the reputation of the brand's level, a complete connection (I did not need as many inputs and outputs, but at least I know I would not be limited if my setup changes). After using an Edirol long, I wanted to move on: good sound quickly and efficiently, without taking the lead. I was also fascinated by the built-in effects.

The card is plugged in firewire on an iMac and I use as Adam A5 monitors, knowing that I am in an apartment. My setup is consistent and matches the quality I expect.


The card is very stable, at least on my mac, I use Mac OS or Windows XP in bootcamp.

With the software CueMix is ​​easily reached its goals: to levels enable direct monitoring, apply effects as needed ...

Finally I use very little effects of the card, because I do not like the effects used in recording, and used during the mix is ​​relatively complicated (just look in the tips for s' accountable). It's a shame because the compressor and eq sound good.

Note that you can use the card without turning on the computer that provides the juice still on the firewire port. In this case she uses mixer sonnoriser quickly if I want something (an iPod, an instrument ...). Very convenient.


Installation without problems.

The map is accompanied by a heavy paper manual, but honestly, it is not always clear.


More than 2 years that I use now, and I am completely satisfied. I went from a low-end config Pc less powerful laptop + Edirol UA25 + Roland DM10 monitors in a home studio config quality, and I do not regret having put the money. Quality is at the appointment, and I do not take my head with my stuff. I am very happy with my choice.