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Thread Replacement PC Audio for 24/96 rca stereo input and output?

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1 Replacement PC Audio for 24/96 rca stereo input and output?
I had an M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 sound card.
Cost me another PC before finding out it was a fault in sound card.
I have Yamaha MU-10 sound module.
Also have Pioneer Amplifier with RCA inputs.
Looking for PC Audio with 24/96 stereo RCA input and output?
If RCA input is not available:
Can I make a cable for MU-10 3.5mm Stereo Jack output to XLR input.

I know the input signal would not be balanced,
but any other comparability requirements or quality issues?

Really just want the bare minimum features at the lowest cost.


[ Post last edited on 02/11/2018 at 07:06:58 ]

What is the difference between Focusrite "Scarlett 2i2" and "Scarlett Solo" (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface.

I need to play music to headphone for sink while recording the vocal track.
The DAW should still work the same through "Scarlett Solo"?

Have Axiom 25 Keyboard connected by USB.
Yamaha XG MU10 Tone Generator is connected by midi cable to the back of keyboard.
So I should not need Midi.

I do need stereo input for the MU10 Tone Generators output?
2nd instrument seems to be mono on the "Scarlett Solo"?

Apart from Tone Generator output being in mono, the "Scarlett Solo" could work.
Have I missed anything?