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Thread Focusrite 8i6 LKD led issue

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1 Focusrite 8i6 LKD led issue

Yesterday I've got the FocusRite Scarlett 8i6 and got some problems.

I tried it in the office (output only) and worked pretty well with the headphones, however when I've arrived to home I got some issues.

1. The condensator microphone was only in my headphones (couldn't record anything using audacity or abletone) - I used the phantom.
2. After couple of retries of reinstalling the drivers the LKD led is not lit anymore and I am not able to connect even headphones (got long beeeep sound couple of times and that's all)
3. So I went back to office and tried on the same MAC as previously and it does not work at all, however the GarageBand shows that I've plugged some MIDI inputs, but I am not able to pick this audio source.

Changed the power supply and USB cable as well, nothing has changed.

Tried on:
MacBook Pro High Sierra OS
PC Windows 10

Something is damaged?

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