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Thread Focusrite saffire pro 40 help needed

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Topic Focusrite saffire pro 40 help needed
Hi Everyone,

Just setting up my new focusrite saffire pro 40 but im having trouble sending audio out of my DAW (logic pro 9), to my hardware compressor then back in to Logic.

I have set my compressor up so that it goes out of the focusrite on channels 3/4 and back IN on channels 7/8, see like below -


Can anyone explain why i'm not getting any audio going into the compressor?

Thank you for any help.
it looks like the outputs are turned off ie just above the volume control the monitor 1 and 2 is on but the rest are switched off. Its only a guess as i cannot see the picture very well.
If you click shift if on a pc then click with the mouse pointer on the output you want (yours are red at present) then it will go grey and that signifies that the output will send out full volume irrespective of volume control, then route a signal via your daw to that particular output.