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Thread Saffire Pro 40 - gain poti for left channel input is dead

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1 Saffire Pro 40 - gain poti for left channel input is dead

Please help, since we have a Band and an important gig in two weeks!!

Okay.. we are using two Saffire Pro 40 linked together and synced via Adat/ 44.1 Hz.

The first one is used with a Macbook Pro that runs Ableton Live 9 and Saffire Mix Control 3.4.

With this Pro40 we send: 8 Channels via Adat and two Channels via SPDIF

With this one we receive: two Audio Channels via Line in 7 and 8. This is my Monitor mix that comes from-->

.... the second Pro40 that is connected to another Macbook Pro (Saffire Mix Control 3.4 as well)

This system is recording with Cubase and also receives the analogue Signals from Drummics, Guitar and Bass over the line inputs as well as the Adat and Spdif-Signals from PRO40 Number 1 and its providing all the Monitor Mixes for us four musicians.

So far so good...

What happend is:

PRO 40 No.1 receives my Monitor Mix from PRO40 No.2 via Input 7 & 8 and this L/R -Signal is routed to my headphones 1.

Suddenly without any significant changes i can control the input gain of channel 8 with the hardware poti on the front of the device but the left cahnnel on input 7 can not be changed with the poti for input 7.

So signal left has waaay less gain than signal right without any chance to change it - like the poti is dead. Additionally you can always hear a signal even when you turn the gain potis 7&8 totally off - the signal is heard as long as the headphone poti is on.

We dont think its a hardware problem because after changing hardware and software routing with different channels and cables the problem stays the same... left channel no response whether using the poti or the fader inside Mix Control, right channel exactly like were used to.

The Signal comes from the PRO40 No.2. with exactly the same gain level - the receiving PRO 40 lowers only the left channel.

Please help us:

- could it be a strange preset that changed or must be changed?
- could the installation (Scarlett Mix Control) of my previously purchased Scarlett 6i6 have jammed a shared library or something?

Thanks and apologies for the complex setup.. weve been really happy with the devices so far..but this situation is killing us..we normally know our way round things like that but this time we really dont know how to repair this.

All the best from Vienna,
I do not know how to solve this problem, flipperpush, and am not sure I correctly understand. However, if I was in your place, I would send PM to one of the focusrite audiofanzine members. Simon is quite responsive.

I believe there are 3 or 4 people you may reach out directly to. Courage.

Thanks for your input Reverberation. I believe Flipperpush has now started an email case with us directly.

Many thanks
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support

Thx from me too! I received an answer from Simon already!

All the best, Philip
Hi guys,

I seem to have the same issue that suddenly started a week ago - my channel 8 input just dropped out the same exact way. Barely audible input and no gain control on the panel. I have not played with input connections, just tried to add ADAT channels to the Saffire Pro40 MixControl. Other inputs work just as they were before. Have you guys figured out what happened to your system?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Shuralee,

Please do drop us an email and provide full details of your setup:
Please do let us know how you get on.
If you need any more help, please do drop us an email or a call:


It would seem unusual for the addition of ADAT channels in Mix Control to have any effect on the analogue in channel 8.
When you email us, please let us know whether the channel 8 is still playing up when you are not utilising the ADAT In port on the Pro40.

Best regards
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support