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Thread Voicemaster Pro Platinum vs ISA One

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1 Voicemaster Pro Platinum vs ISA One

I looked through the forum to see if this had already been asked, but could not find anything. Apologies if it has!

I've recently got back into home recording and I'm looking for an affordable "Do it all" Mic Pre. I've been searching eBay to try to find a good unit and the Focusrite gear looks great!

Of course I've seen quite a few ISA One's in home studios and I know they have a great reputation, and are also on sale at most music stores right now, but I've also ran onto a few of the Voicemaster Pro's and since they are usually affordably priced I was curious if anyone had any experience with both units and could possibly tell me which one is going to be the best bang for the buck!


Unfortunately I don't have experience with both. But I've read similar questions in our other forums and it seems that most people really love the ISA One, whereas the Voicemaster Pro is a bit of a mixed bag. In fact, the general opinion from our experienced users seems to be that the Voicemaster Pro Platinum is trash...

Which preamp you want depends on how you define "do-it-all". But from reading around, it seems that, while the ISA One seems satisfactory for your needs and within your budget, if you're thinking of searching for something else, looks like the True P-Solo has a great reputation and is a favorite amongst our community. It can be found for 600 bucks via Sweetwater, and you might find cheaper elsewhere.

What I DO personally have experience with, is the Audient ID14. It's an interface, but I specifically purchased it for its clean preamps, for which Audient is well known. So clean, in fact, that I can drive it all the way up to 9 to use my sm7b without an additional mic pre, and it does the job magnificently!

If you can find an Audient Mico, that's a preamp that'll fit in a lower budget and I think Audient's gear is fantastic. You can find the Mico for 429€ in Europe, but I'm not sure if and where it's sold in the US...

Hope that helps. In any case, if you're happy with the ISA One, then pull the trigger, but I would avoid the Voicemaster Pro Platinum :)