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SeriesFocusrite Scarlett 2nd Generation

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Thread Scarlett Solo Recording to iPad issue, Mono vs. Stereo

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1 Scarlett Solo Recording to iPad issue, Mono vs. Stereo
Sorry if this issue has been posted before, but I'm having an issue recording to my iPad Air 2 using the Scarlett Solo Audio Interface. My DAW is AUM.

I've hooked up my keyboard from the headphones to the 1/4" jack on the interface and the interface to my iPad correctly using the camera USB adapter. When recording a track sourced from the stereo input, everything sounds fine from the direct monitor, but when I play the track back it only come out of the right speaker. Recording the track as a Mono R track solves the problem, but the sound quality is drastically reduced compared to recording the audio in stereo, on both the direct monitor output and the recorded track. A clunky workaround I've been using is to record the track in stereo then convert it to mono afterwards, though this leaves the track quieter and slightly reduced quality.

I can't figure out a way to maintain audio quality while having the output be in stereo as opposed to mono R. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.