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Thread Quiet subwoofer with Saffire 14. Please help!

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Topic Quiet subwoofer with Saffire 14. Please help!
I am passing L/R signals from my Saffire 14 to my KRK Subwoofer via standard audio cables, and then passing those signals to my Adam A7X monitors via XLR. Trouble is, I need to crank the Subwoofer volume as well as the Saffire gain to max in order to hear the subwoofer's bass, while the Monitors are extremely loud. Can anything be done about this? I've had this same set-up working just fine with my previous interface, so I know it's not an issue with wires or equipment.

Thank you,

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Hi Joe,

This sounds very unusual, please can you post a screenshot of your Mix Control screen for me to check?

Let me know how you get on.
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support

Is this visible enough?
Can't see any image...

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

Hi Joe,

As Angelie states, the link to the picture seems to be broken, I cannot see the image.
If easier, you can email through to us directly using the online support form and we can troubleshoot from there:



Here is the image!
Hi Joe,

Your Mix Control setup seems fine. Please can you confirm that you're sending the signal from the Pro14 to the Sub via outputs 1 & 2 on the rear of the Pro 14? Then the outputs from the sub on to your Adams?
Perhaps you could supply a photo of the rear of the sub so we can take a look at those settings.
If you connect your Adams directly to the outputs of the Pro14, so taking the sub out of the equation, how does that sound?

Let us know how you get on

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
Here you go




Unfortunately I can't connect the Adams directly to the Pro14 because the Adams are XLR

As I said, if I turn the Sub and Pro14 cutoff and volumes to max, then I can hear the sub at maybe around 70 dB, but it should be shaking the room.

I noticed just now that the sub became significantly louder when raising the cutoff - but by converse, it's significantly quieter when the cutoff is low. I like to keep the cutoff low to avoid interfering with the Adam's range. I remember on my last interface that the sub was just much, much louder, even at a low cutoff.

I just realized that I can lower the volume of the Adams so that they are at a better balance with the sub, but I'm still unhappy with the sub's output.

What do you guys suggest?

Thank you,

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Hi Joe,

I'd suggest that it's quite unusual to run a sub at +6db from one of our interfaces. You should hear a decent signal at 0 really.
Raising the cut-off will simply be allowing more content through, and so the higher frequencies will be perceived as louder.

Please can you check that the jack cables you're using between the Pro14 and the sub are balanced cables, so each cable has two black bands on each plug?! If they are not, you may be losing some db here, TRS jacks are recommended.
It would also still be interested to hear the Adams directly from the Pro14, but as you mention, you'll need jack to XLR cables for this.

Let me know how you get on.

Simon // Focusrite Technocal Support
Why do i get the feeling somethings wrong with your cables. The jacks... Are they balanced or not? If not how are the cables constructed?

Going from unbalanced to balanced gives you a signal loss of arround 6db ( i believe) because you mis the negative signal line.
Just like Simon said

Could be something like that be happening here? I just wonder because you should be able to drive the subdirectly.

Is the output signal high enough to drive the subs input? What do the specs say?

- Angelie

You can directly connect if The output on the interface is jack balanced. You can use a stereo jack ( tip/ring/sleeve) on one side and xlr on the other.

Tip = + ( xlr pin2)
Ring=- ( xlr pin1)
Sleeve = ( xlr Sleeve / pin3)

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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