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Thread 2 Questions on the Focusrite 6i6

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1 2 Questions on the Focusrite 6i6
Greetings all,

I am contemplating getting a 6i6 for doing some guitar tracking away from our actual studio (I don't like to always be locked in the same spot!!)

For tracking for our album, we are using both DI and Wet signal from a Fractal Audio Ax8 for possible re-amping.

With that in mind, I want to make sure that the independent controls in the Focusrite MixControl software would allow me to ONLY hear the wet signal while recording, not both the DI and Wet signal.

Second question is the phantom power on both inputs; If I were to plug a condenser microphone into input 1, which needs phantom power, and a line level connection from my Ax8 in input 2, would the phantom power being on adversely affect anything?

If you would like to monitor just the wet signal coming in from your Fractal Audio unit, that can be done by making a custom mix in Focusrite Control that only included the input in which the wet signal is coming in on.

You will still be able to record the direct signal in your DAW as the input is still active (even if not being monitored in your mix).

When engaging phantom power, it will be applied to both inputs but should not have any bearing on the line input.

I hope this helps shed some light.


David // Focusrite Technical Support