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Issue with Mix Control whilst running on Win10 under VMWare on Ubuntu Studio 17.04



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1 Posted on 05/01/2017 at 12:43:44
HI everyone,

Due to a well documented problem with my Laptop (Dell Precision M6500) I cannot run windows when on mains power which means I am obliged to run a flavour of Linux (in my case Ubuntu Studio). Having been singly unsuccesful in getting my 18i8 to work with Reaper using Jack I have installed Win 10 under VMware in order that I can run Mix Control natively and have everything working in a way I understand.

Reaper installs perfectly, Mix Control also installs fine, the 18i8 is recognised as an attached device but when I attempt to start Mix Control I get the message that a firmware update is required and if I attempt to run the update it fails and Mix Control closes.

The version of Mix Control I have installed is: 1.9b 12 (which is the correct one for my interface as I ran this on my previous Windows machine and had updated the firmware accordingly - confirmed by the fact that if I install and attempt to run an earlier version of Mix Control it fails and tells me a later version of the firmware is installed and I should run 19b 12!)

Reaper appears to see the interface as I can select the inputs and outputs in setup BUT without being able to access the mixer I can't get a signal through.)

Can anyone help
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