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Topic Focusrite Users..What's Your Thoughts and Opinions on the Scarlett It Self And Its Preamps?
Hey Focusrite Scarlett Users

I just got the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface and Really Liking and Enjoying
its Capabilities..

Scarlett Users..

:fleche:Whats Your Thoughts and Opinions on the Focusrite Scarlett ItSelf along with the Preamps
and as well as the Instrument inputs etc;

Please Chime in..

Thank You,Rob

Although I Do Have a Slight Issue That I Have..

The Dry Guitar Signal of the Scarlett Instrument Gain inputs 1 & 2 is
More Dominant than of the In/Outputs Default Settings of Amp Sims like
Guitar Rig,Positive Grid etc;

So no matter what I do on the Gain left to Zero..
I cant move up the Gain In the Scarlett to get a good meter level
signal for tracking a Guitar without getting the annoying Dry Guitar Signal..

The Gains on the Scarlett are real hot which is a good thing but The annoying Dry Guitar Signal comes when I start to move up the Gain Knob from Zero To About Three of either Instrument inputs 1 or 2 Of the Focusrite Scarlett,the Dry Guitar Signal becomes more dominant and the Amp Simulators becomes less
dominant and unbalanced of the Dry Guitar Signal vs the Amp Sims.

I've tried everything including trying different Guitars with different Guitar Pick Ups.
I even tried to move up the Input and Outputs on the Amp Sims but the Amp Sims starts to distort.

As most of us we don't want to hear the Dry Guitar Signal while playing and most of us when tracking we only want to
here the Amp Sims Signal and not the annoying Dry Guitar Signal..

Guys,any thoughts on a work around on this..

Or maybe just tweaking the Focusrite Control Panel ..??

:fleche:Hopefully Soon I Will Get Some Life In This Thread And Get Some Kind Of Replies Real Soon Other Than
If I Can Get a Reply or 2 On What You Really Like About The Focusrite Scarlett..??


Win 10
Presonus Studio One 3
Amp Sims Used Guitar Rig,Positive Grid..etc.

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