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1 FocusRite Scarlett 6i6 - Recording VST Playback (DAW) and Korg (Analog Audio) at the same time.
Hello guys. I've just bought the scarlett 6i6.
It's running.
Panel Control is working.

Now I connected both line inputs from my Korg Kronos into the scarlett.
I've attached my headphones to a monitoring jack. So far everything works correctly.

Whatever I do I may record my Kronos or my DAW sounds.
How do I record both at the same time?

At the moment I have no S/PDIF attached.

How does it work without?

Because using the speaker I hear the VST AND the Kronos.
And that's exactly what I want to record. Just what I HEAR.

What do I have to do?

I tried for hours to set every constellation I could imagine.
To no success yet...

Thanks for your appreciated help.

~ 1884110.png
Hello Holger,

My name is Pedro and I am a technical support technician for Focusrite. I have looked over your inquiry and I have a solution that will allow you to record your Kronos and your DAW. To accomplish this, you will want to refer to the image attached:


In Focusrite Control, the first thing you will want to do is create 4 hardware inputs. Analogue Inputs 1 and 2 will receive the signal from your Kronos and Analogue Inputs 3 & 4 will receive signal from your DAW.

Please note, you will want to create a track in your DAW that sends the DAW output to outputs 3 &4. You want to leave DAW outputs 1&2 as they are so that you can monitor the Kronos and DAW signal after it has been recorded.

Next, in Focusrite Control, you will want to add Software (DAW) Playback 3 & 4. These tracks will detect outputs 3 & 4 from your DAW.

Following this step, the next thing you will want to do is route Playback 3 & 4 to line outputs 3 & 4. Please refer to image.

The last step will be to connect your Kronos to inputs 1 & 2 and make the physical connections from line outputs 3 & 4 to line inputs 3 & 4. You are now ready to record your Kronos and your DAW at the same time.

For further clarification, please feel free to reach out to us at Focusrite.com.

- Pedro

[ Post last edited on 09/13/2017 at 18:03:29 ]