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Thread Focusrite Control and FL Studio issues

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1 Focusrite Control and FL Studio issues

I've been using FL studio 12 with a Scarlett 6i6 (controlled with the Focusrite Control software), for a few months now with no issues. But over the weekend the following sequence of events happened:

1) Got a new USB B - USB C cable

2) Tried the new cable with the audio interface, with which up until now I've used a USB B - USB A cable

3) Focusrite Control seems to be working fine still

4) Crank up FL, and all audio is horribly distorted and terrible. Try closing and re-opening FL a few times but the problem doesn't change.

5) Restart computer and re-plug in audio interface with old USB A cable.

6) No sound whatsoever coming out of FL. It's getting midi and audio signals, as the mixer tracks are lighting up, but it's not outputting.

7) I notice that in the audio device selection option, the Focusrite device option has changed from "Focusrite Control 2.14" to "Focusrite USB ASIO". I think this means FL studio is no longer communicating with Focusrite Control for some reason, which is necessary for it to work. In Focusrite control, you have to set up I/O routing. One of the input options is DAW playback, which up until now was working fine. But now the DAW playback option is getting no signal. FL is definitely processing MIDI and audio signals, though, which tells me that somehow the communication between FL and Focusrite Control has broken down.

8 ) Try uninstalling and reinstalling the focusrite drivers about 8 times to no avail.

Any ideas?
Hi Travis,

I'm Alex from Focusrite Tech Support, I'd like to try and help you with your problem you're having with your Scarlett 6i6.

First I'd just like to confirm a few things:

- At present connecting a Scarlett to a computer via a USB > USB C cable is not supported. If you have USB C ports on a Mac then this is supported via an official Apple USB > USB C adapter but still using the included USB A to B cable that came with the Scarlett 6i6.
- In terms of point 7 that you made, FL studio does not communicate directly with Focusrite Control and Focusrite Control is not necessary (it does not need to be open) for FL studio to work. Focusrite Control is used to configure the routing options on the Scarlett 6i6 mainly. I have no idea why you were able to select Focusrite Control as the output device in FL Studio, as far as I was aware this is not possible and Focusrite USB ASIO is the correct driver to select.

In terms of FL Studio being distorted, please ensure that you are using the Focusrite USB ASIO driver and please try all of the USB ports on your computer, this is important as each will perform differently depending on how they are internally hubbed.

Finally, in terms of Focusrite Control please go to File > Presets > System playback. This should select the routing which means both headphone ports and outputs 1 & 2 are routed correctly.

If you are still having problems then please get in touch with us by raising a support request at the following link.


Best regards,

Alex Bull // Focusrite Tech Support