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Thread Unknown controls on Scarlett 2i2

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1 Unknown controls on Scarlett 2i2
Hello, I've had my Scarlet 22 for a few months now and am very happy with it. However, next to the Monitor knob is a "Direct Monitor" Off/On switch and a push button labelled "48V" which glows bright red when it's pushed in. Can anyone explain in words of two syllables or less, what these controls are intended to do?
Direct monitor lets you hear the raw signal thats plugged into the inputs, and the monitor dial is the volume for Direct monitor when its on. You can only listen to it through the headphone jack.

the Red light is "Phantom Power, 48Volt". Condenser-type microphones need extra power to work, and it adds that power when its on. If you dont have one (and you'll have to check for yourself) then you dont need it on

Thats as basic as it can get