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Thread Scarlett 6i6 Output Routing

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1 Scarlett 6i6 Output Routing
Hi guys,

Not sure if it's just me but I've been trying to set up this AI for live performances but having difficulty sending channels from Reaper to the designated outputs.

Currently my setup is an Axe FX Ultra, using the two XLR inputs at the front.

The 4 Analog Outputs are assigned to 3 individual in ear monitor systems (Let's say Outputs 1,2,3) with splitter so the output is one channel rather than one for L and one for R.
The other output is the FOH speakers (Let's say Output 4) which is just a 1/4 inch jack.

What we are trying to do is have the Axe FX output over one of the in ear systems and the FOH, so two outputs (I.e 3&4). Also have the backing tracks on our Reaper project file output to all 4 channels. Lastly we'd want a click track just to the 3 in ear monitor systems (i.e 1,2,3)

We also have a Digital to Analog converter to try and use the SPDIF output as an analog output but have had no success.

If anyone could help I'd be eternally grateful, I'm aware of the output routing option on each channel in Reaper but that does not seem to do anything, I think the Issue is Focusrite Mix Control.