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Thread Scarlett 18i20 will not connect in OSX (but will in Windows)

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1 Scarlett 18i20 will not connect in OSX (but will in Windows)
Hey all,

I've had my 18i20 for over 6 months now. For a good while it was working fine in OSX (10.10.4), but recently when I connect it mixcontrol does not detect it. The USB light on the device lights up and the device still connects fine in windows (tested through parallels on the same machine).

I have tried uninstalling, following this guide for full uninstallation: http://us.focusrite.com/answerbase/uninstalling-scarlett-mixcontrol-from-a-mac (though I couldn't find all the files listed). I've also tried searching my machine with "find / -name *scarlett*" and "find / -name *focusrite*" and deleting all those files before reinstalling.

Any advice on what to do next? I really want to get back making music...

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It would be helpful for us to see a System Report from your Mac with the Scarlett connected.
Because you will likely not want to post this in a public forum, please contact us via our web form here:


After your initial email, you will receive an auto bounce back to your email address, please reply to this straight away with the following system report:

While the unit is connected on its own to your Mac, could you please send me a copy of your system profile by going to;
About This Mac >More Info >System Report >Please wait for 60 seconds >File >Save.

This will also create an email troubleshooting case for you.
Hope this helps.

Best regards
Simon // Focusrite Technical Support