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Thread White noise buzz on PC w/ Scarlett Solo

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1 White noise buzz on PC w/ Scarlett Solo
I Downgraded to the 2.5.2 driver b/c I had the popping with my Scarlett Solo. Now that the popping is fixed I still have a buzzing/ humming white noise, that does not happen when plugged into my Macbook. Is my pc not grounded well? it almost sounds like its picking up with the computer is doing inside? if that makes sense, hard drive humming

Slight ringing noise

my set up is

PC > scarlett > sub > monitors

here is the noise (plugged into pc):

here it is plugged into the mac:

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If your pc processor or harddrive has activities do you hear a rattle kind of sound?

A few years ago i could hear my mouse move arround. Every position was a click.Very frustrating in a recording...

Grounding can be an isue here but also decent shielding.... Or indecent cable shielding which may pickup the sample rate of the DAC. To less provided information to be sure.

- Angelie

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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I have an AMD and yeah when I move the mouse it seems to make noise.

Thinking of returning it if I cant figure it out. although its my computer not the interface.

*under Power options "advanced settings" Minimum Processor state. seems to be the problem*

it will still make noise if the cpu spikes.

I guess I fixed it heres how, ill look further into power settings to find out

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Perhaps a stuppid unnecessary question
But did you connect your pc to an outlet with ground/earth connection?

Is the macbook and pc plugged into the same outlet?

As last i like to mention that power supplies of laptop based computers is different than the one desktops uses. Laptops often have a single powerlines which split up in the labtop into multiple voltages and use a virtual ground. There for they are less sensitive than big steal power supplies into desktops which need ground to ground the entire machine.

- Angelie

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

I have a AMD phenom x2 ? that has the ability to go up to four cores although its really only two I think. Anyway when I have the four cores activated it seems to make the sound. Although I still get the noise when CPU processes are running high.

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