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Thread Issues with the 18i20

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1 Issues with the 18i20
Hey guys,

Bit of a newbie when it comes to forums, but i cannot find any answers that work for me anywhere when it comes to my problem...

I work with a scarlett 18i20, windows 10 64-bit. I haven't had much trouble using it for the past 6 months (In PT10). Then i updated the drivers as i upgraded to PT12 and it would not start up without me updating the drivers to the latest ones from beta.focusrite.com. Not sure what has happened in the mean time as it was working fine, but now whenever i start up PT12, it comes up with the message "Pro Tools hardware is either not installed or used by another program."

I have checked that it is not set to the default audio device in windows, and as far as i can tell, there is nothing that should be using the hardware.

I also tried using it with my Macbook Pro, but i get a completely different issue, where it just keeps connecting and disconnecting every 2-3 seconds.

Any help would be appreciated!
Hi Sleepwalker666,

Sorry to hear of the issues but happy to help!

With the odd behavior being exhibited on both platforms, I think that it will be best to open a support ticket with us here: https://support.focusrite.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new

This will allow us to inquire about both systems and gather some additional information that may prove critical to getting this issue resolved!

Best Regards,
David // Focusrite Technical Support