Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe
Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe

Music Studio 2004 Deluxe, General Sequencer from Magix in the Music Studio series.

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charlatan transfer 06/20/2007

Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe : charlatan transfer's user review


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Installation in 10 minutes. All nickel.
Configuration gnrale carefree.
The manual came with the package is unqiue getting started (including 3 / 4 for the part MIDI Studio).

This "pack" thus contains two distinct software (Studio and Midi). Not possible to install only one.
Note also that when installing a kind of "media manager" is squatting your PC. Fortunately, it is easy to uninstall later, but it would be able to choose prfr before! (O note 9 / 10)

Complment: the updates are available at ( Tlcharger in the "patches". An update for "midi", another for "Studio". 30 and about 15 MB ... ADSL necessary (but not essential to day implementation of Part Studio is my opinion and I share)


PC Pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz, 256 Ram MMO. No problems running, no crash.

A few crashes on the "studio" (the other, I do not use it) since installing the update Does li?


Last days I have been using it a year or so. Attention, I can only speak of the audio studio, which seems to be identical Samplitude APRS what I saw ...
Trs it works well, the editing functions are simple and obvious. Within hours, the tool was well in hand, facilitated in this by the possibility of CRER very easy keyboard shortcuts for all commands (which is always faster than the mouse).
The possibility of shipping, registration, correction made, etc. etc.. are impressive for the price.

It was also the possibility of installing plugins (prfrentiellement in DirectX, but the VST is supported by a VST-DX Adapter included in the installation CD), for example the beautiful and fine r Anwida verb (freeware).

Software Advisor anyone wishing to start recording, and hsitant pay more. Remember the ad "ERAM" Why dpenser more?
At the Lumire the practice of this tool, you must then ask the question to evolve towards more onreux software, which give (slightly) more? Frankly, given the possibilities as I can see that Samplitude Pro (1000 euros). The "step" is a little big for my abilities means.

I could compare with "free" as Quartz Audio Master (and others). MAS2004 is still incomparably even better!

Compared Cubase SX, MAS is a little below. The edition is more powerful Cubase, some features most successful, small "plus" in handling objects ... MAS but also some advantages all bx, such that the path is the name of taking whatever the zoom level, the labels that indicate that the object has changed t "time stretching "or other treatment, and management of inputs outputs, easily Grable of 2 soundcards Different.

In short, Obviously for beginners, but also to work on projects semi-professional, no-indication against use MAS2004, quite the contrary!

Most excellent ratio QUALITY / PRICE