Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe
Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe

Music Studio 2004 Deluxe, General Sequencer from Magix in the Music Studio series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 03/24/2012

Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« You will need to get a more powerful program »

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Magix Music Studio 2004 was one of the first programs that I have used outside of FL Studio. I can say Im really not a fan of it if you are wanted to do more complex stuff. Magix Music Studio will work great for you if you want to keep it basic or maybe just some quick demo type of stuff. But it has no where near the capabilities that all the other softwares on the market offer. But what can you expect for 60 bucks.

You really wont find any other software that can make tracks as easy as Magix though. I mean, you can simply press record and that’s it. Nothing fancy or hard to understand, you wont even need the manual. I don’t even remember opening the manual up after using this program. I no longer use it though and probably never will again. But I recommend this to any younger kids looking to record some songs from home. It will be extremely easy to use and will plan the seed to start growing musically and understanding basic software DAW functions.


Don’t try to do to much in this program, you can not mix or master your tracks. Don’t try eq or any type of compression. Its just not there with Magix, I don’t think it was mad for that. It is a bottom line software that is good just for recording. So if you are on a budget and need something to record for cheap go with this. Otherwise if you can save up a little more money and a higher end DAW that can do a little more.


But for the price and functionality of this software you really cant beat it, just 60 bucks to have a home recording studio. You will be well on your way to understand how computer based recording works with this software but you will need to upgrade almost immediately if you want to take your music to the next level.