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Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe
Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe

General Sequencer from Magix belonging to the Music Studio series.

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Shiloh Shiloh
Publié le 10/01/04 à 13:41
(Precision: I'm beginners in the computer music but this is my second "real" After a few freeware software, and version 4.8 of Emagic Micrologic, which give me the nausea)

No problem for installation. The software contains some MIDI, an audio, installed 2 (no choice). There are few things in addition to its software CD covers, a "tester" of compatibility plug-in, ...

Level no incompatibility problem with my configPC, Windows XP.
Some plug-ins do not work, but there are so many forcment found happiness.

To configure the dpart, is simple, the default rglages agree convincing beginners, getting to know little bit, you can tweak, and without knowing it too.

The manual provides the foundation for really beginners, and some useful tips trs. The bulk is in the MIDI (I only use the personal audio), there tutorials that I did not test (a little chi ** ts).
The grip is super simple, even for an ultra beginners, and if you have a little touch this kind of software is really a breeze.
In addition, if you lack the concepts, are the forumers of Audiofanzine


Config PC uses:
motherboard ASUSP4P800
Pentium4 2.8 Ghz
1GB SD-Ram
Sound Blaster Audigy Live 5.1

The logieil works perfectly. I had 512 RAM in dpart, and this is sufficient to MMS2004, but I do a lot of other things with my PC, and above all I record a demo with my band, so I doubled my RAM , not to take risks (I'm big fan of mixing effects, and eat a lot)

I have no delay (when I think back to the logic audio!) Upon registration, all done in real time, even with a lot (a lot) of tracks.

The only crashes are due to some plug-in


This will make six months I have bought completely by chance, the description on the package, the price (less than 50 euros) and my sleepless nights (because of Logic Audio), I have not h sit ... I tried the same night and since then no problem.

In my case, it will allow me to give life a proposed model, A Z. Recording, mixing, "mastering", burning the CD cover, with a simplicity and quality dconcertante enough for the price.

Default: in fact, the effects Intgr (amps, Galiza, compressor, reverb, delay) are a bit limited, and ... rotten, yes, that's the word. But there are a ton of plug-in compatible, everything is everything. Be careful, as with all other software, some are not compatible.

The only problem meeting are the plug-ins that are planted from time to time, but there is a system that safeguards (a little weird for that matter) which does not waste the few hours hard.

I did some small test applications (style music center) or the *** to ***** Logic Audio 4.8, (I never test cubase for example), but I do it again the m me with no choice hsitation.