Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe
Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe

Music Studio 2007 Deluxe, General Sequencer from Magix in the Music Studio series.

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Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe : Anonymous 's user review


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- Installation longer than 2006
- No conflict encountered ... BUT ... it does not work at all ...

I had forgotten: the case of an offer and a pre-order, free shipping for.
In fact the package was a letter box without folded cardboard inside. Us qd I received it I thought it was a simple letter, an invoice doc, in fact everything was folded inside, even no way to keep a soft ds box in fair condition because without "paper" ... supreme finesse: unable to offer any crash happened ... impossible to have a pack worthy of the name or he must sacrifice a box from a previous version ...


- MIDI operation = impossible
- Impossible to launch even without a MIDI sequence Vsti ie "basic" on an expander; impossible to manage properly vsti
- I do not Atmos, yet it was stated on the box: I bought in MS2007 magix, I'm registered at home and I had nothing ... I thought we downloaded it then I can not say I did not ...
- Qd is launching a MIDI Seq result is discordant, strictly unusable
- Skin of visually MS2007 frankly unbearable, luckily we can use the skin in 2004!

I continue?


- I have already uninstalled, no release date yet the patch MANDATORY
- Waiting a few days and if nothing is announced refund. I can not even use it for basic things
- 17.10.2006 3 are arranged DLL download Magix see forums, the PBS are set but still what bp support Vsti
therefore part MIDI useless for me when I took this MS2007 Fusion Audio / MIDI
- Unable to download ATMOS: indeed I have Saved my soft upon receipt and I obviously can resume operation with only one license. So I leave, reimbursement.

My opinion contradicts previous'avis bcp, but I must admit that ... I'm not the only long shot to see that. Cf official forums Magix ds all languages ​​... including the French ...

1 month after the patch is still pending.
I keep my trust in Magix, however I look forward to the demo of Samplitude 9 Professional. So I think make sense of things. Samplitude is a truly remarkable soft. I will not fail also to contact the SCV Audio 9 Professional software.

NB To address AF;

- MS2007 is distributed by Magix
- Samplitude is distributed by SCV Audio so the links are not the same.