MOTU Digital Performer 4
MOTU Digital Performer 4

Digital Performer 4, General Sequencer from MOTU in the Digital Performer series.

MitecHill 06/30/2006

MOTU Digital Performer 4 : MitecHill's user review


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The installation went normally. But it pares the drip pan is ca. especially if you're used to pro sequencers like Pro Tools, Nuendo / SX or Logic.


G5 2x2.2GHz 1.5GB RAM and it works correctly. Snt trs performance limits. Eg the 32. Floating not know! The bounce in real time either so everything must be done in acclr of or decrease in quality of bounces. Especially if it's 44.1/16. To stay in the field, the bounce in batch is also unknown to the battalion so if you have 40 tracks in the project, everything must be done manually!
In short, if you have time to lose, get DP


3 months in spite of myself. Dja silent install it when I took this job. But I russi convince to go with Nuendo. The ratio quality / price is bad. The plant turns you into gas oprateur computer instead of your life easier!
Repeat the same choice?! Nor is it going? still 3 months and I am a monk. Really what you dgoutter of making music.