Steinberg Cubase Studio 5
Steinberg Cubase Studio 5

Cubase Studio 5, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase Studio series.

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tony-blackman 02/09/2012

Steinberg Cubase Studio 5 : tony-blackman's user review

«  Great for a home studio! »

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Easy install,
it's a bit tricky to configure and understand for a novice but when we know it's going alone.
no incompatibility set apart the vst bridge ......


p4 3ghz Quad core
8 mb ram
9 to the dd
sound card Lynx Two B
Uad-2 quad ...
muscular config so it works very well, very stable but buggy ca Cubase was not involved but my Motu BPM ... Thanks!


for 3 years or so.
I had almost all the Cubases because I started to Atari 520ste when I was about 12 years ... lolj

I love especially for the edition Cubase Midi conaitre be great but if I had to put that aujourdh'ui, I think I would try other sofs more "easy" (I tried Protools 7.4 and finally I returned to my first love which is cubase)

For me the price / quality ratio is not great at the output of soft I find it a bit expensive because times are tough, I've always bought used.
it's cool now we just bought a Cubase element 6 for cheap I found it very good for demarer but the best is to wait a bit and take a Cubase Artist6 lol.

I do it again this choice all the time, I've said, and cubase for me is life now I expect Mr Steinberg that make me a subscription for each release of a new Cubase, a preferential rate well on.