Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP8000
Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP8000

Ultra-Curve DSP8000, Graphic EQ from Behringer.

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fluctus 07/31/2004

Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP8000 : fluctus's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Equalizer band numrique 24 bits 2x31 + 6 strips Settings, Stereo limiter, noise gate, spectrum analyzer in real time with gnrateur pink noise.
It is also an anti larsen possde 6 bands (in fact the Settings, which are no longer available in this mode "sound").

100 user memory

Input-output XLR, Jack (sym-asym) and between XLR microphone measurement, midi in / out / thru.
Software EQDesign the driver from the PC (or higher than 486).
Size: 2U Rack


This is not a BCAN to every hand ... 16dB gain per band, may be dangerous (for the hardware and the ears). But we can avoid a novice vrrouiller for the so-called ...
Ditto for the gnrateur pink noise: it is well explained in the instructions it takes down the volume of the sound before the snap, and VERIFY the output level on which it is calibrated.

on the other hand, 16dB of attnuation, nobody's complaining!
The menus are clear, even without the manual comprhensibles and functions ditions are well thought out (inversion of the curve, for dgrossir passe-haut/passe-bas/passe-bande modes, etc.).

This as a numrique EQ is always a long handle analog EQ: it has more features, but you have to go through the menus to be accder.

The analyzer is also of pro quality, with a time of rponse paramtrable memory and desire, which allows to visualize, either the peak or RMS curve, etc..

What a pleasure to live: it is the balance in the empty room, then we start the analysis in the room before starting the full concert, and found exactly the sound we had the balance!

NB: we can rgler levels of output and thereby with the limiters Intgr never to
saturate its converters (which enclose many dj: 24 bits!). The noise gate allows a sound pro, breathless pauses during the concert.


It is found in some audiophiles to correct the acoustics of their room costs, as when it was released, he reu a Diapason d'Or of clbre audiophile magazine ... This speaks volumes about its sound quality!

Moreover, Behringer does not cheat on its products, and provides a technical CHARACTERISTICS Retailer of the manuals (tlchargeables on their website). The sound is transparent, the converters are well made, they do not "cool" not sound like the consoles Yamaha. The numrique dphasages quickly and breath when you push the analog EQ band.

In terms of functionality, it is the equivalent of a Sabine (or BSS or DBX, because everyone makes numriques EQ / anti larsen now). It has its place everywhere in the studio or live, or a mix of instruments (although I prfre a small analog, faster rgler ear).

It all speaks volumes about the imbcilit some prtendus "ing's" who do not miss an opportunity to dgommer bulk products of this brand cheap. Thus, all the pro studios possdent at least one compressor "dial" and the only complaint is that it is to have one ... its too transparent!


I possde since 1998.
It is a reliability issue: never a problem!

The anti feedback, the analyzer, and the governor make a sound BCAN indispensable. I emmne always with me, with his microphone ECM8000 because of a. It is part and no one cares more: saturate the console before him!
Besides, I never heard saturate the ais!

In the studio, it is controllable by noon, and it has 100 memory locations for storing rglages. So advantage over analog EQ, but also from most of the EQ plug-ins that want to use FIR filters prsentent dphasages often (so the 31-band EQ software rare).

With the Composer, it is unquestionably the best product from Behringer. Sr Although there is a little better ... but so much more! (NB: Ultracurve 5000F/750 worth more than its release, the full range of Behringer abnfici a sharp drop in prices since the brand launched its plants in China).