Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII

Monomachine SFX60 MKII, Groove Machine from Elektron in the Monomachine series.

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jouks 01/30/2013

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII : jouks's user review

«  The Fx Lab »

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The previous notice is all that is more specific on the subject.

Characteristics for 9/10


Elektron configuration is in all its glory. Intuitive, after acclimatization. Very easy once mastered. Editing sounds is a cinch.
We start from a "machine" as they are called Elektron is a sound generator, the equivalent of an oscillator to a synth, then manufactures the desired sound. Variations were tested according to the knob and construct the desired sound. Nothing new compared with a classic synth. However this is where the specificity Elektron plays full. Ally to the sequencer p.locks provides a simple to change, live sound. As an analog sequencer coupled to an old synth, but so much more open in terms of possibilities. At every step of the sequencer can be attributed, memorizing the positions of settings, not many settings. It is a festival of sound. Especially since you can assign LFO.s to change the settings each time. Amateur sounds alive and unlikely welcome in the lab d.expériences sound.
Last, it is a module with 6 slices mono, 6 times what I just described, but it is even better because it is possible to link mono to get more complex sounds see a multitimbral (6 notes, logic). Finally, for those who wish to use their tools more sound, mono is 6 MIDI tracks. To drum synth or other, I stick one person Evolver, all is good housekeeping. P.locks exist for the MIDI tracks, but then we must recognize that it is less powerful than the internal. But hey, there, do not complain.


It is a contemporary sound. This is digital, but it must stop imagining that means it's rotten. Of course it may not sound like a Moog or studio electronics, but for this, it's best to get them. No, the philosophy of this machine is the sound architecture, the creation of digital sound and sculpture. Nothing prevents you to filter the output to make it more "warm" the sound. But it is not necessary to go through it. Must know how to love, appreciate its garish or medium of this machine. He is doing things quite unique and contemporary. The sound is typical, like all machines.


Do not buy this synth if one desires typical sound. It can not be limited avérrer that synth in his studio. Nevertheless, it is a very good synth sounds to create original and refreshing sound set.
It is also a very good synth alone for lovers of glitch, chant of synthetic or hearts that sounds or digital medium.
I have some of the old synth, the recent, they all have their specificity. It is still part of the cabbage sprouts. It occupies an important place in my Lab. He is in charge of Fx and two other machines (and waldorfpulse Evolver). So it may even through pulse send cv to bousins ​​old.

I'm not ready to part with. At it again? Yes I take one away. On a desert island, this is the ® i ship in Electron