Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII

Monomachine SFX60 MKII, Groove Machine from Elektron in the Monomachine series.

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xof 02/09/2014

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII : xof's user review

«  A pure sound UFO!! »

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Value For Money : Poor
I will not repeat the technical characteristic of the beast .... Forget one would be a mistake!
To make it simple and repeat what has already been briefly explained in the notice below:
Basically the Monomachine is a multitimbral synth monophonic, 6 audio tracks 6 tracks + MIDI sequencing with external devices. No keyboard, but the keyboard pads can be used transposable 8 octaves.
6 outputs, 3 choices: 6 tracks out of 2 outputs (stereo) or 3 stereo outputs, or 6 mono outputs.
3 Midi ports, 1 out, 1 in, 1 thru. Implementing comprehensive Midi.
1 sequencer powerful 64 not max.
1 IN input filter for an external device.
Level audio engine, 6 different types of synthesis, all 12 machines.

In Elektron-called "machine" each internal synth present in the audio engine of the beast.


Very easy to use! Elektron first bike for me and I understand completely the craze for the brand!
Simplicity, efficiency, ingenuity! The guys at Elektron are musicians who create machines of their dreams: Powerful, original and authentic!
Few hours to play with the Monomachine and quickly understands the operation. Then, when you start to want to go a little further in the use of the machine just look a little manual to find lots of little tricks and super useful feature (you can choose to copy only a pattern, a melody The settings of a synth or all at once ...)


Yes Yes Yes!!
Sounds and possibilities of modulations are the great strength of the Monomachine.
You have to listen again and again demos to fully grasp the nature of the beast!
Sounds like a Monomachine .... a MONOMACHINE! He did not have to buy to try to emulate any analogue synth Korg and Roland, it will obviously disappoint!
Crossed lovers test sounds there! All my friends were just amazed by the capabilities of the beautiful ...
Try to do the same thing with a computer requires much more time and energy, believe me ...
Some are hard to tame but misunderstand certain functions ... Djx6 said:
"Tweaker too if you are not necessarily immediately perceive to change but after a while the sound rises and rises to require you to shut down and restart, however, as the backup is automatic, you will completely erase the piece and start or galérer has unmute properly and this can be very difficult. "
I think it's just poor management of time can become evil if you push all settings back!
The Monomachine features a very interesting time for each tracks (6 in total) and can quickly leave feedback if wholesale Pusse the feedback too!

Most demos on youtube show the Monomachine as a groovebox with integrated sequencer but his biggest asset is his connect a MIDI keyboard 49 or 61 keys and use it as a polyphonic synth!! Use it as a mono synth is already great, but when you go in polyphonic mode is just insane!


Reviews, below, OB-1 and Z @ y @ n, had motivated me to buy it and I reconfirmed after my purchase, the quality of their analysis!!!
The Monomachine is unique, both in its operation and in its sound!
We can not do anything with (do not look for the grain of a MS-20 or Prophet8) but you can do a lot of things, too many things!!
6 mono synths that are sequenced differently and in which we can return 3 LFOs (18 in all so!) It's just amazing!
Elektron wanted to create a machine with its own personality and they are tremendously successful!
I was intrigued that every album released on Warp label, I begin to wonder if they have not all been sponsored by Elektron ... ;-)

Some do not like its color and others will fan ... it is also simpler than that. UNMS-20 and Moog will always be appreciated by a larger number because their sound color have been heard thousands of times over thousands of albums ... The sounds of the Monomachine are "atypical" and that is what we love!!

Its price is high we always wonder what we could buy more if you sold it but when you compare the technical specifications of the bike we say a Little Phatty is expensive for what it is ...
I sincerely believe that we can not criticize the Monomachine as it is too surprising and unclassifiable as everything that Elektron elsewhere ... The new price is still high but bought Rolls Royce was never cheap! ;-)