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Guitar Amp Parts & Accessories user reviews

  • Moog Music EP-2

    Moog Music EP-2 - "Slightly better than the ep1"


    The Moog ep2 is a slightly upgraded version of their original exp. pedal. Black plastic housing with a metal base plate, attached stereo cable, and a knob to adjust the maximum sweep of thew pedal. It is a similar design to the Ernie ball volume …

  • Voodoo Lab Line Mixer

    Voodoo Lab Line Mixer - "Compact, good sounding mixer"


    The VL Line mixer is a 9.5" sized mixer. It is a stereo mixer with 2 mixes so you can run your fx units in parallel, series or a combination. It is powered by 9vAC and comes with a power supply. It's a bulky one which is a bit annoying. The manual th…

  • Voodoo Lab System Mix Plus

    Voodoo Lab System Mix Plus - "Must have rack unit!!"


    The System Mix Plus (SM+) is the heart of your rack setup. They are no longer produced and are hard to find but they are worth the price. I have been using mine for years and it's a great unit. It is the heart of my rack and I'm not even using all th…

  • ENGL Z-10 Footswitch

    ENGL Z-10 Footswitch - "Rock solid switcher for Savage120"


    When I bought my Savage120 years ago, I also got the Z10 to switch the channels of the am. You can also buy a midi-unit for this amp but the Z10 was the right choice for me at the time. I used it for about 8-9 years with the Savage 120 and later wit…

  • Palmer PGA 04

    Palmer PGA 04 - "Good to have in your tool box..."


    The Palmer PDI-04 also known as ADIG-LB (Analog Direct injection guitar-load box), is an analog speaker simulator/8 ohm load box. On the front you have controls for volume for the speaker simulated outs with it's bass and treble control, as well as a…

  • Whirlwind A/B BOX

    Whirlwind A/B BOX - "Easy way to switch!"


    The whirlwind A/B selector is like having 2 switching units in one box. You can use it with 2 amps and be able to switch between the 2 with a press of a button or use it the way I use it with certain effects. I have channel A connected to my amp whil…

  • Morley ABY Selector / Combiner

    Morley ABY Selector / Combiner - "Decent AB box for the price"


    The Morley AB switcher is a device that lets you split your signal into two outputs. This is handy for running your guitar into two amplifiers and selecting between them or combining them both simultaneously. The unit runs only on batteries. It wou…

  • Voodoo Lab Amp Selector

    Voodoo Lab Amp Selector - moosers's review


    The Voodoo Lab Amp Selector is a simple device that can bring you a long way if you have a few different amplifiers and want to use them either simultaneously or switch between them. This is better than most A/B selectors out there because you can u…

  • Electro-Harmonix ChillSwitch

    Electro-Harmonix ChillSwitch - " It does the job, no worries!" has images


    It cuts the signal momentarily, between the effects loop and direct connection. Connections: In / out Send / return Boss 9v power supply input type (not supplied) Place 9v power possible (the pedal comes with a battery) Pedal consumes …

  • Groove Tubes GT-12AX7R

    Groove Tubes GT-12AX7R - "Groove Tubes 12AX7R"


    The 12AX7R is Groove Tubes' take on the classic Russian sounding tubes. The Russian tubes are known for having higher quality control standards and a darker lower gain tone. Groove Tubes has some issues a few years ago, but I feel they are back o…